Top Five – Things I’m loving it


1. The new iOS 7 is more dynamic, smart and clear. Just getting used to it.

2. This second one has everything to do with the third one. This Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender is so practical and easy to use. No more big blenders over my counter just making my kitchen smaller. Plus, it’s a great design.

3. I’ve been making this green juices for a month and have to say it, I’m loving it. Made with kale ice, strawberries (lots os antioxidant), ginger, coconut water and since I wasn’t going to have breakfast I put a banana. Tasted like smoothie.

4. C&O Trattoria is such a charming place. You better get a reservation on the patio so you can have dinner in this beautiful and cozy space. Don’t forget about the garlic rolls!

5.  How to keep your lipstick out of the glass. The discovery of the year for me!


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